Sergej Heck is known from:

Network Marketing Imperium
After his time as one of the most successful network marketing leaders in Europe Sergej decided to share his experience and knowledge with the world by publishing a bestselling book.

Network Marketing Imperium was sold thousands of thousands of times and became one of the best network marketing lectures on the market
Blockchain Hero
Moving into the digital currency space of crypto currencies, Sergej decided to go big and established one of the biggest crypto news platforms in the German speaking area.

Blockchain Hero is visited monthly by hundreds of thousands passionate crypto enthusiasts, who value the platform for its honest and detailed news articles.
After helping several sales companies to scale and become economically successful, Sergej felt the desire to build his own company to change the game in the network marketing and crypto market.

Marketpeak became one of the biggest and most influential crypto companies on an international basis with a community of over ten thousand active members.
Coinkurier is the second German speaking crypto news platform that Sergej established from scratch. 

Starting as a small community Sergej managed to grow the platform to one of the strongest crypto community platforms in the German speaking market.
Entrepreneur, Author & Investor
Sergej Heck is a multi-entrepreneur and founder of several successful companies. He is internationally known for his tremendous success in building large sales teams within a few months using social media, online marketing and automated systems.

His goal now is to help people build effective and successful self-employment that makes a real difference in their lives!

There are always moments when it seems hopeless and impossible to achieve your goals ...
But appreciate and enjoy every second of your life, no matter how difficult some moments may be. Don't think life is "too unfair" to you. Because we can do it TOGETHER!
The people you surround yourself with, THAT'S YOU ...
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
"My team & I regularly attend motivational and sales events for our joint further training. At one of these events, I was able to meet Arni and talk to him about the scaling of my companies."
Julien Backhaus
"Julien is the managing director of ERFOLG magazine, in which I had the honor of being featured alongside previous idols of mine. In the picture, Julien invited me to a small interview in his private jet."
Thomas Knedel
"Thomas really set a milestone with his company Immopreneur when it comes to real estate investments. Since I also started investing in real estate early on, a conversation with Thomas is always very valuable."
Pascal Feyh
"With his company More Business in Germany, Pascal is definitely one of the elite of online marketers. I recognized relatively early on that scalers lack the scaling aspect. That was my decisive advantage."
Chris Record
"Chris has already built up so many online companies in America that I can no longer count them. Whether Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone or Tai Lopez, he works with all of them. Learning from the best has always been my priority."
Marcel Knopf
"In my entire company, I and my team often lack the focus to manage everything precisely. So I came together with Marcel from Fastlane Marketing to keep my online marketing processes up to date. Always great conversations with him."
David Solomon
"Very few will know this gentleman. I met David at a networking event in Switzerland. He heads Goldman Sachs, the world's most renowned investment bank with annual sales of US $ 40 billion."
Bodo Schäfer
"So if you don't know Bodo, you should take another look at his knowledge of entrepreneurship. I still remember how I read his book Laws of Profits at the time and that completely upset my beliefs - at that time as an employed engineer at Daimler Talking to Bodo about cooperation between our companies after a few years was definitely a milestone for me. "
Wladimir Klitschko
"There is not much to say. Everyone knows him and I am very happy to have Vladimir in my network."
Kris Stelljes
"Everyone knows Kris who has dealt more with online marketing on YouTube in Germany. It is always interesting to talk to him about our companies."
Eric Worre
"Eric has been a mentor to me from the start of my sales career. Meeting him in Los Angeles was one of the first steps to being considered one of the best networkers today."
Biyon Kattilathu
"The good old Biyon. When Said Shiripour invited me to one of his events, he introduced me to Biyon and we got on well from the start. I am extremely grateful to be able to meet such people almost on a daily basis."
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